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It takes a very specific kind of person to choose a vocation in the medical field: someone brimming with intelligence, commitment, empathy and drive. Working in the industry can sometimes be thankless and exhausting, with many hours given freely to help others heal.
This is where the 7/7 Club comes in. We wanted to gift the dedicated professionals that we deal with on a day to day basis a token of our thanks for being the people others can look up to as professionals and as individuals.

The 7/7 Club is a unique loyalty membership programme that has been specially designed to give back to the devoted medical professionals of Immploy Medical Recruitment. The programme aims to reward the dedicated doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other medical practitioners with a prize each month as a token of how much their hard work means. Each month, the locums of a chosen division submit their timesheets to Immploy for a chance to win a prize valued at up to R10 000.
We know there is no item as valuable as a loved one’s life, so these prizes are but a small gesture to show that we care and appreciate all you do as a person in the medical field.

How to enter?
Simply submit your timesheets to be automatically entered into the draw to win the monthly prize.
Please submit your timesheet to [email protected] or fax 086-7624615

Want more information?
To find out more, check out: The 7/7 Club
Email: [email protected]