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In providing the medical industry with professional, qualified locums, Immploy subscribes to ensuring that all placed locums and staff adhere to strict compliance and ethical standards of our member organisations.

Why is it necessary?

In the promotion and advocacy of ethics and compliance within the industry, each division within the Immploy Medical Recruitment sector have specific regulatory bodies which mandate and regulate the standards governing each sector. Majority of these bodies are mandated by policies aligned with National Government in setting the precedent of industry standards in South Africa.

In this way, these regulatory bodies ensure that proper care, protection, training, procedures and policies are implemented in each sector where such regulation and guidance is vital.

Regulation plays a key role in the healthcare industry. The regulatory bodies protect the public from health risks and provide numerous policies and programs for public health and welfare. Together with government, these regulatory bodies and private organisations develop rigorous policies and regulations at every level, to safeguard the public against malpractice and promote a high quality of life for all.

Healthcare regulations, policies and standards are highly necessary to ensure strict compliance and safe healthcare to every individual who has access to the healthcare system, as a citizen or locum. The regulatory bodies monitor practitioners, locums and facilities; provide necessary information and changes within the industry, ensure compliance and quality service standards, and promote safety and professionalism in industry.

Immploy adheres to the governance of the regulatory bodies to promote proper compliance, safety and high standards as set out by industry and government for all our locums. Here is an overview of the governing bodies.

In the medical industry in South Africa, the four main regulatory bodies are:

  • South African Nursing Council (SANC)
  • Healthcare Professions of South Africa (HPCSA)
  • South African Pharmacy Council

South African Nursing Council (SANC)

The South African Nursing Council (SANC), has the responsibility to establish, improve and control conditions, standards and quality of nursing education and training of nursing professionals in South Africa. SANC makes provision for the accreditation and inspection of nursing education institutions, the monitoring of assessments conducted by accredited institutions, the conducting of nursing examinations, and the granting of diplomas and certificates, to serve and protect all healthcare users in South Africa.

Healthcare Professions of South Africa (HPCSA)

The Healthcare Professions of South Africa (HPCSA), is committed to promoting the health of the population, determining standards of professional education and training, and setting and maintaining excellent standards of ethical and professional practice of healthcare professionals, qualified to practice in South Africa. The HPCSA believes that all people have the right to good health and quality healthcare and make a concerted effort in ensuring these standards are met and upheld.

South African Pharmacy Council

The South African Pharmacy Council (HPCSA) is mandated to advocating the provision of quality pharmaceutical services in South Africa. By developing, enhancing, and upholding universally acceptable standards, professional ethics and conduct, and ongoing competence and pharmaceutical care, the SAPC ensures that the public have access to pharmacists and pharmacist’s assistants who are competent to practise.

In addition to the medical industry regulators, Immploy is a proud member of APSO, a body committed to upholding the quality standards of the staffing industry.

Federation of African Professional Staffing Organisations (APSO)

APSO represents South Africa and the entire African continent in the global staffing sector, striving towards professionalising the staffing industry, to uphold the ethics and quality of staffing professionals in South Africa. APSO achieves this by pioneering staffing industry codes of conduct and providing valuable resources to its members in driving these quality standards.

At Immploy, we strive to ensure that our locums and staff adhere to the mandates their regulatory bodies, to provide quality healthcare professionals in improving the quality of life, for all South Africans. We are setting the industry standard by implementing strict compliance processes and procedures in meeting this demand. You can rest assured that Immploy provides quality locum candidates and employment in shaping the medical industry in South Africa.

If you are a qualified locum and would like to apply for one of our locum positions, visit our job portal at jobs.immploy.com.