We have a widespread database of locum and permanent doctors with a large recruitment network that guarantees our ability to find the ideal candidate for our government and private practices.

We also focus on recruiting the absolute best doctors for our clients.

Register with us if you’re a passionate doctor looking to expand your career and open yourself up to more income opportunities.

Contact us, if you require professional doctors for your private or governmental practice OR if you're an exceptional doctor in any of the following areas and would like to expand your career growth:

We Provide

Competency-based Assessments

24/7 Real-Time Support

Rigorous Vetting Process

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Make your money work for you when you register to locum with us!

At Immploy, we’re aware of the benefits that come with being a locum - such as having ample employment opportunities, the ability to make extra income and of course, the wealth of practical knowledge and experience that you are exposed to within your chosen field.

But as with any exceptional work opportunity, there’s also the responsibility of taking care of your taxes in a correct and accurate manner, so that you don’t end up losing income in the long run.

When you exclusively locum with Immploy, we give you the opportunity to make your taxes, time and income work for you!

Learn how you can become tax compliant with Immploy Medical Recruitment by registering with us here:


Benefits of working with us:

There are just so many.

Fast Payments

Receive weekly, reliable payments with our weekly payroll system.

Tax Assistance

Receive tax assistance at no additional cost to you.

Flexible Working Hours

Choose your hours and achieve a work-life balance.

24 Hours On-Call

We have a dedicated team 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

POPIA Compliant

Your information is safe with us and will not be sold.

CV Booster

We offer on-the-job training to give your resume a boost.

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