Hi Luan,
Please see the feedback from the client that still needs to be attended to:
The client would like the NEF & TEC to be the same thing. By completing the form you automatically agree to the TEC. We need a copy at the start and at the end which makes this very clear.

When it comes to the various NEF’s they would prefer that it is one form and when you select your profession the skills matrix updates only. I can imagine we could have an issue with this – if so what are the alternatives?

  • Change NEF to New Employment Form
  • Change TEC to Temporary Employment Contract


  • Visa Type [should only applicable to candidates with Passport numbers] Not a requirement field unless passport number or non-South African.

Professional Reference

  • Professional Reference – a contact number for reference required
  • Minimum of 2 professional references – can duration be Month + year (start) to Month + year (end)
  • We need to provide a tax explanation (like a smart tip or something similar when hovering)
  • Annual leave also requires us to provide additional information like a smart tip – However, we are waiting on them for the tooltips.

NEF Carers

  • Remove colons from all the different types.