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Why should your business use event feedback?

Imagine your whole office mingling over a glass of wine with influential people in your industry. The setting is sophisticated and comfortable, and conversation is flowing. The air is filled with praise for a new product or service that you are introducing, and you can practically smell the new business that will be generated from the event.

This is the power of hosting an event as well as making use of event feedback. So, you should seriously consider the three stages of event feedback, which is where you plan ahead, organise during and reflect after the event. Because there are many types of events you can host and there are many ways to approach them, having direction from the people who will be attending will be a big help. Read the three critical stages of event feedback below.

Pre-event feedback

Collecting feedback is a critical part of your event. Doing a pre-event survey will allow you to build excitement, involve attendees and identify the areas that need focus. For example, you could let attendees give you feedback on possible guests or themes for the event. You tally the votes and that helps you make a decision that would be popular amongst attendees.

During the event

Collecting feedback during an event can dramatically change the experience. It helps you keep in touch with what people want and shows them that you take their input seriously. Live feedback stations or an SMS are examples of how you can engage attendees.

Post-event feedback

This feedback determines the success of the event and how attendees experienced it.  This is how you find out what went well, what could be improved and what people liked and didn’t like. The best time to get post-event feedback is within 24-48 hours of the event so that the experience is still fresh in their minds. Use the feedback to help you with future events as well as to learn what people in your industry are looking for and how best to appeal to them.

Making sure it all comes together

Make sure that your dazzling event is celebrated for being a meeting of amazing talent and minds, and that you accomplish what you set out to by collecting, assessing and making full use of event feedback. There are industry experts available, such as The Appointments Bureau, to help you do just that. So, you can sit back and reap the rewards.